Preprints and Notes

N. Verzelen. Spectral label recovery for Stochastic block models. 2015. [pdf] (Notes of a short course given at ENSAE in April 2015).
(1) F. Bunea, C. Giraud, M. Royer, and N. Verzelen. PECOK: a convex optimization approach to variable clustering.[Arxiv]
(2) N. Verzelen and E. Gassiat. Adaptive estimation of High-Dimensional Signal-to-Noise Ratios.[Arxiv]
(3) E. Arias-Castro, G. Lugosi, and N. Verzelen Detecting a Path of Correlations in a Network [Arxiv]
(4) E. Arias-Castro, S. Bubeck, G. Lugosi, and N. Verzelen. Detecting Markov Random Fields Hidden in White Noise [Arxiv]
(5) E. Arias-Castro and N. Verzelen. Detection and Feature Selection in Sparse Mixture Models (Annals of Statistics, accepted) [Arxiv]



(6) E. Arias-Castro and N. Verzelen. Discussion of: Influential features PCA for High-dimensional clustering. Annals of Statistics (to appear)
(7) O. Klopp, A. Tsybakov, and N. Verzelen.  Oracle inequalities for network models and Sparse Graphon estimation. Annals of Statistics (to appear)[Arxiv]


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(9) E. Arias-Castro and N. Verzelen. Community Detection in Sparse Random Networks. Annals of Applied. Probability . Vol. 25(6), 3465–3510 [Arxiv]
(10) M. Thomas, N. Verzelen, P.barbillon, and 21 authors. A Network-Based Method to Detect Patterns of Local Crop Biodiversity: Validation at the Species and Infra-Species Levels. Advances in Ecological Research, Vol. 53, 259–320


E. Arias-Castro and N. Verzelen. Community Detection in Random Networks. Annals of Statistics Vol. 42(3), 940–969 [Arxiv]


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(13) I. Vilmus, M. Ecarnot, N. Verzelen, and P. Roumet. Monitoring Nitrogen Leaf Resorption Kinetics by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy during Grain Filling in Durum Wheat in Different Nitrogen Availability Condition.  Crop Science , Vol .53, 284–296.


(14) C. Giraud, S. Huet and N. Verzelen. High-dimensional regression with unknown variance. Statistical Science, Vol. 27(4) 500–518. [arXiv] [Journal] [Appendix] [Erratum]
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(17) C. Giraud, S. Huet and N. Verzelen. Graph selection with GGMselect. SAGMB, Vol. 11 (3). [arXiv][Journal]


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(26) N. Verzelen, N. Picard, and S. Gourlet-Fleury. Approximating spatial interactions in a model of forest dynamics as a means of understanding spatial patterns. Ecological Complexity, Vol. 3(3), 209–218.


(1)  GGMselect package for R 2.9.1. [webpage] [Introduction to GGMselect]


N. Verzelen. Gaussian Graphical models and model selection. PhD Thesis. Université Paris-Sud. 2008. [pdf]

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